Adaptate Biotherapeutics formed to develop antibody-based therapies that modulate gamma delta T-cells

GammaDelta Therapeutics spins-out new company to accelerate antibody-based assets towards clinical studies

London, UK, 16th October 2019: GammaDelta Therapeutics, a company focussed on harnessing the unique properties of gamma delta (γδ) T-cells to develop transformational immunotherapies, today announced the formation of a spin-out company: Adaptate Biotherapeutics. While GammaDelta Therapeutics’ primary goal is to develop γδ T-cell based cell therapy products, the new spin-out will build on GammaDelta’s knowledge to modulate γδ T-cell activity using therapeutic antibodies, with the potential to trigger an immune response against cancer.

γδ T-cells are a distinct T-cell sub-type that respond to molecular patterns of distress and have been shown to have tremendous potential in treating cancer and other immunological disorders. GammaDelta Therapeutics was formed in 2016 to harness these properties, and since then has gained extensive knowledge of γδ T-cell biology developing a portfolio of investigational cell therapies poised to enter clinical development. In addition to gaining insight into cell growth and isolation, the company’s scientists have also discovered a number of potential drug targets and antibodies that have potential to modulate the activity of γδ T-cells in situ.

Adaptate Biotherapeutics has been formed to further develop these targets and antibodies for therapeutic purposes and advance them into clinical studies. Dr. Natalie Mount, currently Chief Scientific Officer of GammaDelta will move to Adaptate Biotherapeutics as Chief Executive Officer. The two companies will continue sharing their insights into γδ T-cell biology as they work towards developing different therapeutic modalities.

The founding of Adaptate Biotherapeutics has been made possible by investment from Abingworth and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Takeda has a time-limited option to acquire Adaptate Biotherapeutics in the future. Both Adaptate Biotherapeutics and GammaDelta Therapeutics have also benefited from the support of King’s College London, the Francis Crick Institute and Cancer Research Technology.

Dr. Paolo Paoletti, CEO of GammaDelta Therapeutics, said: “γδ T-cells have tremendous therapeutic potential that is yet to be fully realised, and our fascinating journey has afforded additional opportunities beyond our main focus on cell therapy. Spinning out these activities to create Adaptate Biotherapeutics now enables the deployment of a focussed effort on non-cell therapy. Natalie has managed this effort as part of her role at GammaDelta Therapeutics, and she is the natural CEO to lead the efforts of Adaptate. I’m extremely pleased for this opportunity for Natalie and want to thank Raj Mehta, Director of BD, IP and Alliance Management at GammaDelta Therapeutics, for his work on the spin-out and Abingworth and Takeda for their continued support.”

Dr. Natalie Mount, CEO of Adaptate Biotherapeutics, said: “I’m proud to be leading this new company, and excited by the potential we have to expand the therapeutic opportunities of γδ T-cells. Both companies continue to share the same ultimate goal of harnessing the power of these cells to improve the lives of patients and I look forward to driving Adaptate Biotherapeutics to achieve this goal.”


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Gamma Delta Therapeutics

GammaDelta Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focussed on exploiting the unique properties of gamma delta (γδ) T-cells for immunotherapy. It is the only company with the capability to deliver both blood and tissue (skin) derived allogeneic cell therapies for the treatment of haematological and solid cancers using a unique subtype of gamma delta T-lymphocyte (γδ T-cell or γδ T-lymphocyte), known as Vδ1+ T-cells.

The Company’s technology is based upon pioneering world-class research conducted by Professor Adrian Hayday and Dr Oliver Nussbaumer, at King’s College London and the Francis Crick Institute, and Professor Bruno Silva-Santos at the University of Lisbon.

GammaDelta’s technology has been recognised for its therapeutic potential, attracting interest from the pharmaceutical industry and investment from Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Abingworth. Further opportunities for commercial partnership are becoming available as the Company’s proprietary platforms move into clinical development and exciting new applications for this technology are discovered.

Adaptate Biotherapeutics

Adaptate Biotherapeutics is a biotechnology company spun-out of GammaDelta Therapeutics and focussed on developing antibody-based therapeutics for modulation of γδ T-cells.