Innovative Biotech Firms Take New Office Space at White City Place to Support Accelerating Growth Plans

Stanhope, on behalf of the owners of White City Place Cadillac Fairview, announce today that the life sciences companies GammaDelta Therapeutics and Adaptate Biotherapeutics have both agreed to take additional office space on the first floor of the WestWorks building. This will enable both of these innovative and expanding biotech companies to dedicate more space to vital laboratory space on the 4th floor, as their research and development activities continue to advance and grow.

The transactions will result 100% occupation of the business suite facility on the 1st floor in the WestWorks. The series of 12 offices, ranging from 1,000 – 6,000 sq ft were designed to allow for smaller sized occupiers to acquire space in White City Place and improve the occupier ecosystem.

GammaDelta Therapeutics, which is focussed on the development of cellular immunotherapies for cancer and other serious immune-related diseases moved in to their 12,000 sq ft office and laboratory space on the 4th floor of WestWorks building in 2019. To ensure that the company can continue to keep pace with its accelerating growth plans as it builds its pipeline of novel therapies, it has agreed to take a further 2,500 sq ft of office space at the WestWorks and expand its laboratory operations within its existing facilities.

Adaptate Biotherapeutics, a next-generation immunotherapy company focussed on developing therapeutic antibodies to treat cancer, will also be increasing laboratory operations on the 4th floor, and has agreed to take a separate 2,500 sq ft of office space at the WestWorks to support its rapid growth plans.

The moves are evidence of the growing success of the life sciences sector in the UK and highlight the role White City Place plays in helping nurture and support the life science community from its earliest research phases to the development and production of life saving science and therapies. Since opening in 2017, White City Place has quickly emerged as one of the UK’s leading life science and biotech hubs alongside the new Imperial College campus. White City Place now houses a host of innovative and industry leading companies, occupying over 100,000 sq ft of Office and Laboratory accommodation including the global pharmaceutical firm Novartis, as well as innovative life sciences companies such as Autolus, Synthace and Engitix.

David Camp, CEO Stanhope, said: “We are pleased to have signed these two deals which enable both GammaDelta Therapeutics and Adaptate Biotherapeutics to continue to grow their innovative products into potential life changing immunotherapies. Both companies are the embodiment of the ethos of White City Place, which is the home of innovation and collaboration in the life sciences, and we are delighted to see and help facilitate the continued success of these cutting-edge businesses.”

Dayle Hogg, COO GammaDelta Therapeutics, commented: “The expansion of our research and development facilities at White City Place is an important step as we embark on the next phase of growth for GammaDelta Therapeutics in building our pipeline of innovative off the shelf cellular immunotherapies. Expansion within White City Place, facilitated by our partnership with Stanhope, provides us with access to additional world class research and development facilities within a dynamic and growing hub of innovative life sciences businesses”

Natalie Mount, CEO Adaptate Biotherapeutics commented: “We are delighted that we have been able to expand our R&D capacity at WestWorks to meet our ambitious growth plans, as we develop our pipeline of innovative therapeutic antibodies for patients with unmet medical needs.”

Both GammaDelta Therapeutics and Adaptate Biotherapeutics are pioneers in the research of gamma delta T-cells and are at the leading-edge of a new immunotherapies which can help combat a range of malignant diseases such as cancer and other immunoinflammatory diseases.

In 2017, Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd and Abingworth LLP, as transatlantic bioscience investment firm committed to investing up to $100 million into GammaDelta Therapeutics’ research and development activities. In late 2019, Adaptate Biotherapeutics was spun-out of Gamma Delta Therapeutics in order to further develop therapeutic antibodies that have potential to modulate the activity of gamma delta T-cells and advance them into clinical studies.

Biotechnology company OpenCell, has temporarily installed a sequencing laboratory for COVID mutant monitoring on the Gateway East site at White City Place to help in the fight against the pandemic. This is located alongside a larger installation also today of rapid response shipping-container laboratories for COVID19 PCR testing.